Ispica - Chiara Dell'Albani
Charming and cosy town not far from Modica, characterized by elegant builidings, large streets and scenografic baroque churches.
The tour will start from Umberto street, passing by the majestic Bruno di Belmonte Palace designed in liberty style by Basile, continuing with the visit of wonderful SS. Annunziata's basilica, enriched with Gianforma’s stuccoes and a canvas of Saint Andrew by Caravaggio; following, the suggestive San Bartolomeo's Mother Church, Cav. Bruno Palace (from outside) and the imposing Santa Maria Maggiore's, a true masterpiece of baroque ibleo, with the beautiful portico designed by Sinatra (imitating the one of Bernini’s Saint Peter) and a series of biblical frescoes by Olivio Sozzi, a Sicilian genius painter of the time. The tour will end with a pleasant stroll and, on demand, a free tasting of typical products.
At Christmas, don't miss the visit of the beautiful living crib set in the caves of
Parco Forza, one of the most imoportant archaeological sites of Eastern Sicily

Short visit-  2 hrs