Modica - Chiara Dell'Albani

 A theatre was the town, a pink stones proscenium, a party of wonders. And the way it smellt of jasmine in the evening. I wouldn’t stop talking of that, of being mirrored again in such a tender remoteness mirage… 

Gesualdo Bufalino, Argo il cieco ovvero i sogni della memoria

A journey through the town with a guided visit of San Giorgio’s Cathedral with its imposing goblet-shaped stairway, a stroll through the medieval quarters from which you can have a glance of  the ancient Earls’Castle, poet S. Quasimodo's birthplace (outside), Bètlem’s church with its outstanding Cabrera chapel (to which the church owes its name of  national monument), San Domenico’s, a stroll through corso Umberto or u saluni (the living) for Modica people, to admire the redundant baroque palaces decorated with ornaments, corbels and gargoils, San Pietro’s and the small rupestrian San Nicolò Inferiore’s (optional); to conclude “sweetly”, a free taste of the local chocolate and of many other typical products.
World Heritage

Half day – max lenght  4 hrs